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Wholesale Cherokee Spirit Dream Catcher 

Offered in a variety of sizes: 
3" (50 units at $3.50 each)
4" (25 units at $4.50 each)
6" (20 units at $6.50 each)
9" (15 units at $9.50 each)

6" and 9" versions will have 3 "dangles" hanging from the bottom of the ring

Adorned with Fluffy Turkey Feathers - A variety of Feather Colors will be sent

A variety of Bead Color will be sent with Wholesale Orders unless you specify

A generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the webbing 

Most anyone would love to have this Dream Catcher in their bedroom or car!
Certificate of Authenticity is Attached to each Dream Catcher along with the Dream Catcher Legend

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