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  • Wholesale 3" Dream Catcher Kit - 50 units


    3" Wholesale Dream Catcher Kit  -  Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher Kit

    40 units Priced at just $5.00 each! MSRP $9.99

    The Public May ORDER this item WITHOUT a sales or business license

    Each Kit will contain:

    • Feathers: Fluffy Turkey Feathers  - Variety sent unless otherwise specified
    • Beads:  Variety sent unless otherwise specified
    • Wheel Options: Unsewn and unwrapped - a great craft project making your own dream catcher from beginning to finish :)
    • Leather: American Deer Lace Saddle Brown 
    • Instructions are included
    Instructions for Ordering

    Ways to use this Craft Kit: 

    • Day Care Projects
    • After school programs
    • Summer and/or day/weekend camps
    • Gifts
    • Home School Projects
    • Home Projects for the kids and their friends
    • Birthday Parties for the kids
    • Senior Citizen projects
    • Main Stream School Projects
    • Fund Raiser Events
    • Fairs and Festivals

    Wholesale Minimum orders are $100.00

    Lead time is 7-14 days from order to shipment 
    ORDERS OF 100 - 400 LEAD TIME IS 14-21 DAYS
    Special Orders, Large Quantity 500+ & Destination packages are possibly 30+ days Lead Time