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"Wholesale" Christmas Ornaments

Priced at just $5.50 each when you purchase 50 units

Mini Head Dress (No Natural Feathers)

 Authentic Cherokee Hand Made Bone Head Dress 

Hangs 5-7" Long - 5" Wide - 2" Deep

Look at our inventory of bone headdresses to see samples.  

You will receive a  "VARIETY"  of great sellers for your retail shop

Bone color combinations are: white/white, black/black, white/black, red/black, red/white
Dangle options vary

 Makes a Great Christmas Gift and/or Charm to hang from your Rear View Mirror

Hung on a Sturdy Hemp Cord

Personalization Available: If you would like your location on the a metal wire and attached to the Charm
Type in your location name in the space provided and be sure to include spaces if there are spaces in your location name.

Certificate of Authenticity is Attached to Car Charm

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