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  • White Sage Gift Box with Patchouli Amber


    White Sage Gift Box with Patchouli Amber

    Each Box Contains:

    > (1) 3" Cherokee Hand Made in the USA Dreamcatcher - colors will vary
    > (1) Bar Patchouli Soap - smells so Goooooood!
    > (4) Assorted 4" Sage Bundles - 4 different White Sage Selections - The bundles will be labeled so you will know what you are receiving
    > (1) White Sage Solid Perfume
    > (2) Scented Tea Lights - White Sage or Dragons Blood, or Patchouli or other scents - depends on availability
    > (1) Satya White Sage Air Freshener 3ml - smells so Gooooooooooooooood!
    > (1) Patchouli Amber Essential Oil 10ml

    This is a great for yourself or those who appreciate smudging ceremony and the benefits of White Sage.  White Sage eliminates negative energy and changes negative ions into positive energy.  This gift is for smudging the environment and your body for a more peaceful existence.

    Great Price for the upcoming Holiday Season! Pre-Orders Available.  Thoughtful Gift for House Warming, uplift, serenity, tranquility, peace. positivity.