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TAURUS Zodiac Horoscope 3" Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher


"May" - Taurus  (Zodiac Horoscope)

 3" Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher 

Adorned with Fluffy Brown Turkey Feathers

The ring is wrapped with Saddle Brown USA White Tail Deer Lace Leather

Held in place with color coordinated beads according to the Birth Month Zodiac Sign

                  The bead color of the Taurus Dream Catcher reflects the color of the Birth Month of May - Emerald
Type in the word or name you would like sewn onto the rim - FREE PERSONALIZATION 
Certificate of Authenticity is Attached to each Dream Catcher along with the Dream Catcher Legend

Taurus Overview

Dates: April 20 – May 20
Day: Monday, Friday
Color: Green
Element: Earth
Most Compatible with: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths – Taurus is known for their attachment and reliability. Kind, dependable and caring, they will always give a helping hand, always prepared to push others forward when they get stuck. They understand ways of the material world which makes them good financial advisors and bank employees. Determined and strong, always prepared to endure in the long run, they will do anything to please their loved one.

Weaknesses – This is a sign of physical love and hedonism connected to our material reality. The element of Earth can make them lazy, static, stubborn and overly attached to material possessions. A tad possessive, if they fear losing someone, they tend to become real control-freaks that can’t relax. Between these two extremes, and when a Taurus learns to accept change, all of these characteristics turn to sweet flaws that you won’t be able to resist.