Professional Cherokee Heritage Art Inspirationally Presented

SEQUOIA PEARL Dream Catcher Made in the USA of Cherokee Heritage & Inspiration


"Sequoia Pearl" Dream Catcher Made in the USA of Cherokee Heritage & Inspiration

 Made in the USA by Artist, Jasmine Battle, BSED

Available in 3", 4", 6", 9", 14" Sizes 

Hand sewn with White Sinew, the ring is wrapped with White USA White Tail Deer Lace Leather 

A REAL Fresh Water Pearl sewn into the White Sinew Webbing

Held in place with White and Clear GLASS Pony Beads - 9" & 14" will be Double Tier

Cascading White USA Turkey Plume Feathers dangle from the rim

Personalization is available with a name or words sewn onto the rim with round lettering - Free of Charge

Attached is the Dream Catcher Legend 

What are the metaphysical healing properties of Pearls?

For physical illnesses, Pearls have the reputation of assisting with digestive disorders, heart problems, eye ailments, and improving the skin. Pearls have also been used to help with fertility and to ease pain during childbirth.


What do Pearls represent spiritually?

Pearl Meaning, symbolism, and myths — Ocean Jewelry Store

Pearls are a symbol of wisdom, luck, purity, and love. Like other precious stones and crystals, they contain powerful energy and abilities. That is why some believe Pearls have the power to heal the body, mind, and soul. History, mythology, and beliefs show analogies and the source of the fascination around pearls.


What are the healing properties of Black Pearl?

Black pearl is a powerful natural moisturizer with antioxidant boosters and proteins that firm the skin and protect against aging. With powerful amino acids, Black Pearl also strengthens the skin, smooths fine-lines and wrinkles of the face, and enables its ability to hold onto water.


What does the Black Pearl mean spiritually?

Black Pearls Are Symbols of Power Prosperity and Eternal Love. Black Pearls, being highly sought after for centuries, only the most powerful were able to come into possession of these rare natural born treasures, symbolism of which is observed up to the present time.


What are the legends about Black Pearls?

Origins of Tahitian black pearls - | blog

Chinese legends say the Black Pearl is formed in the brain of a dragon, and therefore signifies cunning, mystical wisdom. Other parts of Asia believed them to be tears of mystical beasts mixed with pain and relief.