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Custom Made Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher

Type in the Bead Color Combinations you want up to 4 beads max per 3" dangle (3 is the normal color combination) For example: Pink-Purple-Pink
Type in the feather color(s) - combinations you want dangling from each item

Custom Made Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher 

Offered in a variety of sizes: 3", 4", 6", 9", 14" 

Made with Fluffy USA Turkey Feathers (your color choice)

Held in place with Pony Beads (your color choice) 

A generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the webbing 

  • Choose your Dangle Option - The "Dangle" is the leather that hangs to attach the beads and feathers
  • Type in your Bead Color(s) - For example if you want white, black and pink, type it in the order you would like it put on the dangle (white, pink, black) or if you want all white then type in just WHITE 
  • Bead Color options are: white, black, orange, baby blue, navy blue, dark blue, red, green, lime, burgundy, gray, clear honey gold, yellow, clear yellow, glow in the dark, purple, lavender, chocolate brown, dark brown, turquoise, hot pink, cotton candy pink, charcoal gray, shiny silver, shiny gold 
  • Type in your Feather Color(s) - Color options are: black, beige, white, baby blue, cotton candy pink, hot pink, orange, red, green, burgundy, brown, purple, lavender, turquoise, navy blue, yellow, gray or YOUR COLOR COMBINATION of the offered colors
  • Choose the size of the ring
  • Choose your web stitch color
  • FREE PERSONALIZATION - Type in the name or word(s) you want sewn onto the rim and include spaces if there are spaces in the name, no numbers or special character letters

Certificate of Authenticity is attached along with the Dream Catcher Legend