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  • PROTECTION SHIELD From MONSTERS Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher


    "Protection Shield From Monsters - You Are Safe" Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher

    Offered in a variety of sizes: 9", 14"

    Note from the Artist: I get lots of inquiries from parents asking what should they order for their child's night terrors and I came up with this to assist in easing the night terrors with children, I know when I was a child I had shields from night terrors so this is my gift to the young children with night mares and night terrors, maybe this will help, much love, Jasmine 

    Adorned with USA Natural Pheasant Feathers and 2 White Turkey Tail Feathers held in place with large wood connector beads (wooden connector bead color may vary with availability)

    Held in place with Milk Chocolate, Honey Drop & White Pony Beads 

    A generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the sinew webbing 

    The ring is wrapped in Saddle Brown USA White Tail Deer Lace Leather

    You have the option of having a name or word sewn onto the rim for a special gift offering

    Certificate of Authenticity is attached along with the Dream Catcher Legend