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  • Wholesale 6" Authentic Cherokee Dream Catchers - 100 units

    Type in VARIETY if you want a variety of beads/feathers shipped OR type in the specific color of beads/feathers you would like along with amount of each until you get to the order amount

    Wholesale 6" Medium Dream Catchers 100 units (Photos are Samples)

    Priced at just $10.00 each!  MSRP $22.99

    A generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the webbing 

    Assorted Color Fluffy Turkey Feathers cascade the rim
    A Variety of Bead Colors will be sent unless otherwise specified

    A Certificate of Authenticity is attached along with the Dream Catcher Legend

    Wholesale Minimum orders are $100.00

    Lead time is 7-14 days from order to shipment 
    ORDERS OF 100 - 400 LEAD TIME IS 14-21 DAYS
    Special Orders, Large Quantity 500+ & Destination packages are possibly 30+ days Lead Time