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  • Cherokee "Talking Stick" With 2 Dream Catchers


    Cherokee Talking Stick With Dream Catchers

    Cherokee Talking Stick (Made in the USA) by our artist, Jasmine Battle

    12" tall with (2) 3" Cherokee Dream Catcher on the both sides of the front end of the Talking Stick (see side view).

    Adorned with Chocolate Brown and Honey Gold Pony Beads, Turkey Plumes and Rabbit Pelt

    Dream Catcher sewn with Sinew and an American Turquoise Bead in the webbing

    Saddle Brown American Deer Lace Leather wrapped cedar wood 

    Legend of the Talking Stick says that the person holding the Talking Stick is the only one allowed to speak at the gathering thus allowing one to be heard and others the opportunity to listen.