Professional Cherokee Heritage Art Inspirationally Presented

Medicine Wheel with Dream Catcher Made in the USA of Cherokee Heritage & Inspiration


"Medicine Wheel with Dream Catcher" Made in the USA of Cherokee Heritage & Inspiration

Hand Made in the USA by Artist, Jasmine Battle, BSED 

Medicine Wheel with Dream Catcher in the Center

Size options are available in 9", 14"

An Artist Certificate is attached along with the Dream Catcher Legend

Adorned with Milk Chocolate, Honey Drop and Black Accent Pony Beads - Glass Beads hue is different from the plastic bead selection shown in the photo

>If you have bead color requests type that in your order instructions - note that glass beads do not come in all the colors as plastic beads - I will inbox you if I do not have the glass beads your are requesting

Sewn with Natural Sinew and an American Turquoise Bead in the Dream Catcher webbing

The wheel is wrapped with Saddle Brown White Tail USA Deer Lace Leather 

Adorned with USA Fluffy Brown Turkey Feathers

FREE PERSONALIZATION, type in the word(s) name(s) you would like sewn onto the rim

Note: 14" will have a larger dream catcher in the center than the 9" version

Legend of the Medicine Wheel is the person who has a Medicine Wheel will have good health and fortune.

With the attached dream catcher the sleeping one will rest peacefully. 

The Role of the Medicine Wheel in Cherokee History

The medicine wheel is not an ancient Cherokee word. It is however a concept used by contemporary Cherokee artists of all disciplines. The reason the medicine wheel is a popular native expression is because it represents core principles shared by many indigenous cultures.

Medicine Wheel Symbolism

In addition to being a symbol of the natural cycles of life, the medicine wheel can also represent the Four Directions: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Medicine wheels can also incorporate images that tell the story of creation and represent deities like Father Sky, Mother Earth, and the Great Spirit. It can also be a way to tell the history of any individual tribe through a collectively accepted image. In modern Cherokee and native art, the medicine wheel can become an even more personally meaningful symbol of the artist’s own creative journey. The medicine wheel was thought to also show the path to healing, health, and balance.