Wholesale > Large 9" Authentic Cherokee Dream Catchers - 25 units

Please Specify the bead quantity = 25 pieces

Wholesale Large 9" Dream Catchers 

25 units - Priced at just $10.00 each!  

This item CANNOT be purchased by Retail Customers

A generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the webbing 

Your sampling will come in a color variety hand chosen by our artist Jasmine Battle!

If you want to choose your 25 piece sampling then simply type in the box the colors you want and amount of each

For example:2 pink, 2 white, 4 royal blue, etc until you get to 25 units

Bead Colors available are: white, black, turquoise, royal blue, pink, lavender, green, orange, yellow, pink, purple, lime, burgundy, gray, brown, red, we have a large variety of bead colors available...............ask.

  • Or type in VARIETY and we will simply choose a generous sampling of bead colors for you

Certificate of Authenticity along with the Dream Catcher Legend is attached to each Authentic Dream Catcher

Wholesale Minimum orders are $100.00

Email a copy of your business license to: karmanag@aol.com 

Lead time is 7-14 days from order to shipment 
Special Orders, Large Quantity 500+ & Destination packages are possibly 30+ days Lead Time


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