Professional Cherokee Heritage Art Inspirationally Presented

PEACEFUL PUEBLO Dream Catcher Made in the USA Cherokee Heritage and Inspiration


"Peaceful Pueblo" Dream Catcher Made in the USA Cherokee Heritage and Inspiration

Made in the USA by Jasmine Battle, BSED

Offered in 9", 14" Sizes

Adorned with USA Natural Pheasant Feathers and 2 Turkey Tail Feathers held in place with large wood connector beads (wooden connector bead color may vary with availability)

Held in place with Dark Brown and Honey Drop Pony Beads - Glass Bead colors will vary from the plastic beads shown in the photo

>If you have a glass bead color request, put that in your order notes and I will TRY to accommodate as Glass beads do NOT come in all the colors of plastic beads

A generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the sinew webbing 

The ring is wrapped in Saddle Brown USA White Tail Deer Lace Leather

You have the option of having a name or word sewn onto the rim for a special gift offering

Attached is the Dream Catcher Legend