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  • Smudge Gift Set Ceremonial


    Ceremonial Smudge Gift Set

    Assorted Colors Available - see options

    Hand Made by our Artist, Jasmine Battle, BSED

    Ceremonial Set Includes: Leather Wrapped Smudge Feather, 4" White Sage, 6" Abalone Shell "1st" Quality, Tripod Stand

    Deer Lace Leather wraps the pointer end of the quill adorned with pony beads on a single deer lace dangle

    Created with a Single "Dipped" or "White" Imitation Eagle Feather

    Color Options:

    • Black deer lace leather with Pearlized Charcoal and Clear pony bead
    • Fudge Brown deer lace leather with Bronze pony beads
    • Ivory deer lace leather with Cream and Honey Drop pony beads
    • Saddle Brown deer lace leather with Chocolate and Honey Drop pony beads