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Blessing Bags of Compassion


"BLESSING BAGS OF COMPASSION" - Sold in lots of 20 - just $5 each 

You will receive a VARIETY

The photos show samples of the items that will be included in your blessing bags - depends on availability 

Each Bag Contains 8 tiems: Items vary depends on availability: snacks and some with hygiene OR BASIC items

Random acts of kindness are just that.  Intended to provide some relief of the circumstance of those who would otherwise be able to deal with circumstance.   Have you heard of Blessing Bags? They are a sealed bag filled with basic necessities that can be kept on hand (probably in your car) for that moment when a homeless person approaches you for spare change. 

Having a blessing bag convienently placed in your vehicle, ready to be handed out, is a wonderful opportunity for your entire family to give back. 

I am approached daily by homeless individuals and do not hesitate to sponsor a meal, a bottle of water or a few bucks but I always wish I had something more meaningful to give spontaneously.  The portable Blessing Bags are a wonderful way to give those less fortunate a random act of kindness and a way to uplift their spirits with a special gift.

Items (NON PERISHABLE) I am including are hygiene items, snacks, toys, socks, items in season, etc. 

Each Blessing Bag will be in a resealable ziploc bag for convenience so this way you and I will be able to Bless more people as we make our way through lifes daily issues.  Keep these in your car so when the situation presents itself, you will be able to make a difference.

I thank you all for contributing to the upgrade of Humanity.  I carry these in my car and pray you will pass this along to others so all of us can make a difference today and tomorrow.