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BLACK LIVES MATTER Necklace with Feathers


"BLACK LIVES MATTER - ONE NATION'' Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher Necklace with Feathers
Available in 3" circumference only with a 31" deer lace Black USA White Tail Deer Lace Leather necklace tie - fits Men & Women comfortably
This is a collectible item. WEAR AROUND YOUR NECK OR PLACE IN YOUR REARVIEW MIRROR.  Proceeds will be used to feed the less fortunate and to Pay It Forward. 
This design is inspired and hand made with the current events happening in this great nation of OURS. Jasmine Battle has offered this great Authentic Necklace made from her heart to show solidarity between the Native Peoples of the USA against inequality and injustice and her heart felt HOPE for a better and United People of the United State of America.
Red, White, Blue beads separate BLACK LIVES MATTER / A Pearl separates ONE NATION - The Pearl represents Jasmine's HOPE of a more perfect union, equality, justice and peace in this world.
Hand made with sinew, USA American Black Deer Lace Leather 
A generous American turquoise bead sewn into the webbing 
Made in the USA by Cherokee Artist Jasmine Battle, BSED