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  • Baby Shower Gender Reveal Collection

    Type in the color(s) of bead you want or call Jasmine to discuss your specific bead color choices.

    Baby Shower  Gender Reveal Collection

    Offered as a Key Ring As Well
    Gift Boxes are available per unit of $1 each 
    Offered in Units of 50
    You can purchase additional units in bundle of 10 units
    This is a 2" Dream Catcher

    Adorned with Natural Beige Goose Feathers or Fluffy Turkey Feathers

    Held in place with The Bead Color(s) of Your Choice

    Type in the color(s) of the beads you want. Normally the beads are alternating in color: baby blue, white, baby blue but if you want a color range then type in "blue color range" "pink color range" or any other color range so you can get a variety in your color range
    Custom Made in your chosen color scheme for your special occasion
    If you have a specific bead, leather or feather color you would like, call Jasmine 201-637-4137 to discuss specifics.  
    She is available to talk with about your specific requests.
    The ring is wrapped in Soft Saddle Brown Deer Lace Leather

    A Generous American Turquoise bead is sewn into the webbing 

    Certificate of Authenticity is Attached to each dream catcher along with the Dream Catcher Legend