Authentic Native American Dream Catcher Kit > Unsewn Webbing


Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher Kit contains: 

  • Is packaged in a beautiful professional bag all created by Jasmine Battle, Cherokee Artist
  • Fluffy Turkey Feathers (Black, Brown or White)
  • Instructions Included
  • Beads  - Choose your bead color from the Drop Down Box (coordinating beads will be included with your selection)
  • Real USA Deer Leather is included in your package to hang your beads and feathers
  • Deer Leather 3" Wrapped Wheel (Unsewn Version) you sewn your own web- Black or Saddle Deer Leather
  • If you need large quantities of Dream Catcher Kits, order the Wholesale bulk in our Wholesale Section
  • Great Bulk pricing available to the public!
  • This is a great gift for most anyone, stocking stuffer, birthday parties, educational tool

Most anyone would love to make his/her own Authentic Dream Catcher!

Certificate of Authenticity is Attached to each Dream Catcher along with the Dream Catcher Legend
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