Professional Cherokee Heritage Art Inspirationally Presented
  • 18" BROWN Grapevine Wreath Made in the USA of Cherokee Heritage & Inspiration

    "BROWN Grapevine Wreath" Made in the USA of Cherokee Heritage & Inspiration
    Available in 18" ring This is a Large Wreath - A beautiful collectible
    Made in the USA by Jasmine Battle, BSED  (Glass Bead Option colors will vary, the photo shows the Plastic Bead Option)
    Hand sewn sinew on Natural Grapevine Branches (Keep in mind that this is a natural wreath and the shape is round but not perfect in any way. There will be slight variances in shape and symmetry)
    Tied with Saddle Brown USA White Tail Deer Lace Leather - 1st photo is the glass bead option
    A generous American Turquoise bead sewn into the webbing 
    Cascading USA Brown Turkey Plume Feathers dangle from the rim
    Held in place with Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Honey Drop double tiered beads
    Attached is the Dream Catcher Legend