Professional Cherokee Heritage Art Inspirationally Presented

Message from Your Artist

As of 6-7-23 I am moving my studio to a new larger location. The shipping time will be extended (2-3 weeks) until we can set back up in a larger studio. Once we are reset, shipping times will be shortened, thanks for your understanding. 

Due to COVID 19 + Staffing Shortages, I am very busy with online orders, I ask you to be patient at this time as your order may take a bit longer to make as each order is hand made when you place the order. If you know you need a gift in a certain time frame I kindly ask you to place your order well in advance (2+ weeks or more lead time) so you will receive your order when you expect it.  Paying for Priority Shipping will not guarantee faster receipt because I still have to make it for you.

Hello, I am Jasmine B. Battle, RDH, BSEd.  A graduate of Clayton State College in Morrow, Georgia with an AA degree in Dental Hygiene (RDH).  Also, I graduated from The University of Georgia In Athens, Georgia with a BSED in Education.  Go Bulldogs!  

All of my products are made with care, quality and integrity in mind.  I sign each art design personally. All of the Dream Catchers come with The Dream Catcher Legend attached and signed by me.  All products will have An Artists Certificate attached to each item. 

At this time I feel it is necessary to say this: I am of Cherokee Heritage and Inspiration from the great state of Georgia here in the USA. I feel transparency is essential in any relationship. 

Up until recently (a few days ago August 10, 2022) I was an enrolled member of the Cherokee Tribe of Georgia and there has been some misunderstandings within the administration of the Tribe.  Until this is sorted out my tribal status will be on hold - I will no longer be a member of the Tribe. Once the administrative issues are sorted out, I will apply with a Federal or State recognized Cherokee Tribe. I will continue to provide you with my BEST quality art as usual, I just will not be able to provide a Certificate of Authenticity until I get new membership. I will send Certificates when this is sorted out to those who have purchased during this time after my new tribal enrollment.

Update / 12-15-2022 / I have reapplied to The Cherokee Tribe of Georgia for Tribal Membership once again and my application is with the Chief and Council at this time.  I will keep you posted as to my status.

I am a USAF Veteran - served my country with honor. I design and make Hand Made dream catchers, artifacts and other products here in the USA. Attached to the Dream Catchers is the Dream Catcher Legend.
All of my products are designed with color, durability, quality and fashion in mind.

I have chosen BEST quality supplies from as many USA suppliers as possible for my products so I can provide the BEST items for your enjoyment!

I wanted to DESIGN "different" dream catchers along with "TRADITIONAL" designs so I could express my love for color and color combinations along with tradition.

When I am designing and making my dream catchers, I take into consideration: Color, Symmetry, Detail, Emotion, Thought, Motivation, Alignments, Feeling.....

I Play COOL - SMOOTH JAZZ - ACOUSTIC - SOFT ROCK music when I design and sew them so that GOOD vibrations and energy are incorporated into each dream catcher.  Dream Catchers are Feng Shui instruments that require "TUNING" while making them so music is important in the process.
I have been asked why I use "plastic" beads (made in the USA).  I love the color.  Although I do have lots of Glass beads.  So, if you want glass beads, there are glass bead options on many of the listings (there is an upcharge for glass beads). Please keep in mind that the glass bead option will not be exactly as the plastic bead colors but I will make sure the glass beads are artistically correct for your dream catcher with regards to color coordination.

I also offer "custom" designs (retail displays, wellness centers, hospitals, weddings, baby showers, gender reveal, funerals) so if you need something special for a special occasion or area of your home, simply give a "CONVO" and I will try my best to accommodate your request.

All of my dream catchers are hand made to order so please be patient while I hand make your order. 
From start to finish, care and quality are considered from the supplies used to the finished product.  Quality control is continual throughout the process.  The White Tail USA Deer Lace Leather is hand cut, stretched then cut into the correct length for the circumference of the ring.  The rings are hand wrapped tightly then patterned with sinew for the webbing.  The webbing is hand sewn then the dangles are applied.  Personalization is then sewn onto the rim then the beads and feathers are applied with a glue to keep them in place securely.  Each dream catcher is then tagged and signed by the artist, Jasmine Battle.

The grapevine wreaths are NATURAL Wreaths so no two are exactly alike, they are NOT perfectly round although we purchase USA Grapevine or Rattan wreaths) they are natural products and the symmetry is as close to round as possible unless they are advertised as OVAL or other shapes.  The Natural Willow Dream Catcher is hand cut by me or a staff member in accordance to quality standards.  No two are exactly the same size or shape since this is a natural product.

Disclaimer:  All designs, photos and likeness are the sole property of Jasmine Battle, BSEd and cannot be copied or reproduced without explicit written permission from Jasmine Battle, BSEd, Artist, Returns are not accepted due to the nature of our products, returns must be authorized by Jasmine Battle via Email - - if the wrong order was sent to customer or damage to product during shipment.

Please note:  The current situation places this art studio in the same position as most businesses: I am severely understaffed, overwhelmed with orders and requests.  If you have orders that are priority you will need to order in a timely manner.  Holiday orders will be back logged and made according to receiving them.  All of the art is hand made and designed to order.  So I kindly ask you to order as early as possible so your gift giving needs will be met in a timely manner.  Lead time for most orders is 2-3 weeks depending on the amount of items you are ordering.  Keep in mind, you will need to pay for Priority Shipping if time is factor in your delivery service.  I thank you for your understanding in this matter.